Vendors Welcome

  • Summit is committed to establishing long term relationships and proudly works closely with many vehicle and equipment vendors throughout Canada. Our success is based on happy and loyal customers, who value the expertise of our dedicated professionals.
    At Summit we provide innovative leasing and financing solutions to vendors of small, medium and large ticket vehicles and equipment. Our commitment is to assist our vendor partners sell more vehicles and equipment and increase their margins.
    Unlike our competitors, not only can we approve a vendor’s strong credits at competitive rates, but we can also accommodate the tougher credits.

Leasing as a Sales Aid

  • Potential customers may wish to acquire equipment for use in their business, but may not have the resources available to pay cash; alternatively they may wish to preserve their surplus cash for other business expenses. Taking into consideration your customer’s needs, circumstances and cash flow, we work with you to present your customer with options that allow them to get the equipment they need today and ensure that you get the sale.
    Key benefits leasing provides:
    • The customer effectively builds equity in the equipment by way of the monthly lease payments.
    • The equipment pays for itself over the term of the lease.
    • No large cash outlay and fewer limitations on budget as the cost is spread over time.
    • Attractive tax savings.
    • A lease can generally be tailored to suit the needs of the individual.
    • New or Used equipment can be financed – no restriction on asset age.
    • Summit ensures the payment will be made to you immediately upon your customer signing the lease and accepting the equipment.
    If you are interested in working with us here at Summit fill in our Vendor Profile form or contact us for more information