About Us

Summit Leasing Corporation was founded in Vancouver, B.C. over 17 years ago with a vision to provide accessible leasing finance to self-employed business owners and small to mid-sized companies which did not necessarily fit the criteria of banks or other financial institutions. In 2008, Summit acquired Integra Leasing Corporation, a well respected and long established Canadian leasing brokerage company, also based in B.C.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Summit has a nationwide presence across Canada offering leasing finance solutions for all ranges of vehicles and equipment, including sale and leaseback opportunities enabling customers to release capital back into their businesses.

At Summit we are committed to establishing and maintaining long term relationships, and have earned an excellent reputation in the business community for our high standard of professionalism, service and integrity.

Unlike banks and other large financial institutions, which have established objective (and sometimes oppressive) credit criteria by which they evaluate lease applications, at Summit financing decisions are made on a case by case basis. We take a positive approach to each application seeking ways of structuring an approval, rather than reasons for declining it, with a view to assisting our customers in making purchases that will increase profits by adding value to their business.

Our strong team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals strive to bring flexible and creative financing solutions that are tailor-made to each customer’s requirements; ensuring the needs and circumstances of each customer are taken into account. We look forward to helping customers with not only arranging finance for their current requirements, but to developing a long term relationship that will assist in the accomplishment of their business success well into the future.