Summit Leasing is the first call many self employed individuals and business owners make when they are looking for the best. We offer financial solutions to acquire all types, sizes and ages of vehicles and equipment used for commercial purposes. Nationwide custom tailored planning for asset acquisition, guaranteed to fit your circumstances and needs!
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The Summit Difference

At Summit we take a positive approach to all credit applications, whether finance is required for an older asset, a sale leaseback, a new business startup, or to overcome prior credit challenges. Whatever your circumstances, our service to you is unique to your specific requirements. That sets us apart in the industry.


Should I Lease?

The first and best reason is that by leasing the vehicle or equipment you need to run your business, it helps you generate additional revenue in your business, without using your existing working capital.


Why Call Us First?

We understand the art of custom designed finance which is developed to work within your unique circumstance and budget. We are accessible, and work with you to make things happen, providing creative out-of-the-box solutions to help you succeed.


Growing? Let us help
get you there faster.

Leasing is just a start. The more you share with us about your short and long term goals, the quicker we can provide the advice and finance to help you achieve your expansion objectives.


Need Sustainable

Let your business help the larger community. Commercial Leasing allows you to actively engage in sustainable development on multiple fronts including minimization of waste, maximization of resources, job creation and stimulation of the economy, all without even trying. Who would have guessed?


What Can I Lease?

Well really, what can’t be leased? We invite all assets of any age and value. If it’s vehicles or equipment and you require it for your business, it can be leased.